Science Fiction writing at its best - Introducing Guardian Force & Earth Guardian, by Darrell Arthur Gusner.

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Introducing Guardian Force
and Earth Guardian
...a science fiction series taking place in the future within the realms of Earth, outer space and the galaxy.


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Guardian Force - by D. Arthur Gusner   Earth Guardian - by D. Arthur Gusner


Guardian Force -- Five hundred years in the future, early warning monitors alert Guardian Force to an unknown intruder entering the solar system. Guardian Force intercepts and discovers a mystery — an ungainly sub-light interstellar probe of unknown origin. Chemical analysis detects traces of human blood on the probe. To answer a multitude of questions, Guardian Force initiates a risky long range reconnaissance.


Earth Guardian -- Two diverse branches of humanity—once separated by light years and millenniums—are reunited through a twist of fate. Confronted with a compelling common need for survival, multiple human worlds come together to oppose the devastating aggression of an expanding alien empire: the Kreel.


Darrell and his guide dog, Gepeto, sitting near a mountain stream.

Gusner and his guide dog, Gepeto.



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Look for the sequels, Coming Soon...

        • Guardian Probe
        • Guardian Strike

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